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Friday, 6 April 2012

An Easy $3million?

This is a bus shelter advertisement by a company called 3M, who make bulletproof glass. To advertise the strength of their glass, they've put 3 million dollars inside this bus shelter and challenged anyone to break in, and if successful they can keep the money.

How would you get in?


  1. Some high temperature I guess ;)

  2. Someone is going to drive a Hummer right though that sign....

  3. I wouldn't try to break the glass (since that would be hard to do...) but rather steal the whole bus stop with a truck, take the glass home and try to break it there with acid or a bomb. Those people trying to kick through bulletproof glass make me laugh though.

  4. Acid or a laser cutter,too bad they don't do this in my country,followed